NC-1 was invited by 8th Communications Company of Camp Lejeune to present the history of women Marines from WWI to the Present. Lil Ragan, Shirley John, & Linda Lacy did the presentation. 1/14/2010

Col. Adele Hodges speaks at highway marker dedication honoring the WMRs hosted by NC-1

 Dedication of the Marine museum in Jacksonville, NC.  Linda Lacy & Mary Sabourin representing WMA, NC-1

Shirley John, Mary Laskowsi, Linda Lacy helping at Salvation Army from November thru December. 11/22/2009  Below County Commisioners present a certificate to NC-1 for community service in Jacksonville, NC.  L to R:  Shirley John, Mary Laskowski, Linda Lacy, Joe Traumer 11/24/2009  NC-1 hosted Camp Johnson's Women History Day--Shirley John listening to singer  3/2009

Shirley John, VP, is honoring Lil Ragan with a Certificate of Appreciation and a pin  as the founder of the Tarheel Chapter and for her loyal dedication and service during her 30 years in NC-1.  She received the "Veteran of the Year for the Tarheel Chapter" from the Mayor and the City Council of Jacksonville, NC on 12/10/09.  The award was given at Camp Geiger where the chapter presented the history of WMA and the history of women Marines.

 The Tarheel Chapter is giving some of the combat troops at Camp Geiger the history of WMA and women in the Marine Corps on 12/10/09.

The Tarheel Chapter was asked to speak on the history of WMA and women Marines on 10 December aboard Camp Geiger at the Combat Training Center.  Our speakers were Lil Ragan, WWII, Shirley John, Korean Era, Mary Laskowski, Korean Era, and Linda Lacy displayed her collectiorn of women Marine history along with DVD's.  The Commanding Officer, Col. Timothy S. Mundy (a son of former Commandant Carl Mundy), Sgt. Maj. Jordan, GySgt. Jeannine Cressman, and Cpl. Holden are pictured enjoying the speakers at the School of Infantry. 

In the above Christmas Party picture is Santa Joe Traumer, Naomi Malone, Barbara Butler, ret'd Navy Corpsman, Dolores & Craig Hamrick, and GySgt Jeannine Cressman and her husband Craig on the right ( Sylvia & Shirley on left) at the Marina Cafe.  12/12/09

In the below Christmas Party picture is Sylvia Fry, Joe Traumer, Lil Ragan, our Area Director, Linda Wolford, and Linda Anderson on left side.   Col. Paul O'Toole, ret'd and his wife, Lynn, Naomi Malone, Barbara Butler, Philip Hamrick, ret'd Sgt.Maj. and Shirley John at the Marina Cafe.  12/12/09

 Shirley John, Vice President, Linda Lacy, President, and Joe Traumer, LEGGS member, represent the Women Marines Association at the EXPO South at Camp Lejeune on 4/20/2010.  After receiving the display via mail from Nancy Wilt, Gail Horn set up the display with her daughter and Joe helping. Gail, not shown in the picture, represented WMA on the 21st. 

Mary Laskowski (below), a life time member of WMA, NC-1, Tarheel Chapter, was one of the recepients to receive the Jacksonville/Onslow Volunteer Center Golden Rule Award for her life time service to her country, supplying books to the troops at Camp Lejeune going overseas, and 30 plus years of volunteering at the Salvation Army.  She was one of several participatns to receive a certificate for her service and a free breakfast for herself, Joe Traumer (LEGGS member), Shirley John, Gail Horn, and Lil Ragan (members of the Tarheel Chapter) at the Golden Coral.  Miss Mary also won the door prize which she unselfishly turned over to Linda Lacy's elderly aunts to enjoy.  4/20/2010

 The Tarheel Chapter was invited to attend the retirement ceremony for SSgt Amanda Robinson on 30 April aboard Camp Lejeune.  Shirley John and Linda Lacy enjoyed the beautiful ceremony and reception that followed.

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