The above picture and below copy of the presentation on March 13, 2001, was presented to the Commanding Officer at Camp Lejeune.  The book is sealed in a glass case at the Officers Club in the Lejeune Room at Camp Lejeune.  The actual presentation took place at Headquaters Building 1.  The above picture is taken at the Officers Club where Linda Lacy is shown holding the book.

The Reminiscences of A Marine by Major General John A. Lejeune was stored in his file by Headquarters Marine Corps from 30 September 1939 until 1950.  11 years.  After the USMC became automated, the book was discarded into the wastepaper basket.  Fortunately, Sergeant Major Sarah Thornton, ret'd from the USMC, one of our past presidents of the Women Marines Association, retrieved and held onto the book from 1950 until 1977.  27 years.  Sarah learned that my late husband, Major John Joesph Lacy, ret'd USMC, and I were returning to the Bear Creek area.  She presented John and I with General Lejeune's book saying, "You will know what to do with it."  Not wanting this valuable collection of Marine Corps history to fall into the hands of a private collection, I waited 23 years until I could find a home for the 71 year old book, that Bookman in 1930 critiqued as, "His life history, which is in a great measure the history of the Marine Corps, is not only interesting from the standpoint of a warrior, but is a tribute to the hard-fighting Marines."  As a Member of the Women Marines Association, it is my greatest pleasure to present this priceless and treasured book signed by Major General Lejeune certifying that "all of the quotations in this book, forms, orders, letters, addresses, and reports are true copies of the original documents."  The inside cover is stamped by the USMC showing the book as part of his, "file fitness report case dated on 1939 Sep AM 9:31."

Thank you,

Linda Cates Lacy, Major USMCR, Ret'd, Member of the Women Marines Association     March 13, 2001



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