Veterans  Day Parade on 11/6/2010 in Jacksonville, NC--Shirley John, VP, was the driver of our red convertible.  Linda Lacy, Prez, was seen waving from the passenger side.  Sgt. Natalie Brewer, active duty, (mos kept her busy working on Ospreys) took time out of her busy schedule to ride with NC-1 and was greeted enthusiastically by bystanders with a WWII veteran running out to the car to tell her she was the 1st woman Marine he had ever met. 

Members Gail Horn, Joe Traumer, LEGGS member and President of the Veterans Council, Linda Lacy, President, and Shirley John, VP, are talking to the Jacksonville Mall audience about WMA.  We were invited to share our USMC experiences and information about our organization by the Veterans Council.

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